Yoshokhai, reinvented? NO, CHANGED PHILOSOPHY!

In roaring times like we have now, the market demands new solutions. So changes in retail prices and collections to reach out to more consumers, are absolutely necessary, we think. That's why we will relaunch the YOSHOKHAI label with a changed philosophy.

Shoes of Yoshokhai will keep the retail price tag of € 140.00 and more. Don't expect boring shoes, Hillbay Consultancy is known for extraordinary shoes and we love to create this kind of shoes but YOSHOKHAI will not be so extreme as LISA TUCCI.

And don't think the quality is poor. Of course, the quality hasn't the same standard as the shoes of LISA TUCCI but these are much more expensive because of high-quality materials and more specialised production processes. Anyway, nobody will regret the purchase of a YOSHOKHAI shoe because of the quality. We are sure about that fact.

For retailers who can't wait, just visit our  our online wholesale section .