Lina Tucci

The 'older' lady LINA TUCCI returns but still alive and kicking.....

Honestly, sometimes we get exhausted by the passion we have for shoes. Why another shoe line when you have already three labels with different perspectives? Why for god's sake?

Of course we like to push boundaries and looking at the collections of the conservative comfort shoes labels, we get energy to present also here more innovative but at the other hand comfortable footwear. With removable innersoles and the restrictions a comfort shoe has!  We created until 2009 comfort shoe collections and enjoyed playing with the boundaries of comfort shoes.

So, first step is a sporty comfort shoe with an extra light sole in nice materials. Look at the pictures below  for a first impression. On first sight perhaps too less LISA TUCCI???

As comfortable as your footwear, is the way you can order and see our collection online in the  wholesale section .