The power of creativity!

We're a company that believes in the power of creativity, that creativity is the base for changing,improving and succes. We are convinced about the fact that companies who champion creativity are more successful than those who don’t

Look at our shoe collections which are full of creativity. But don´t be fooled, the shoe collections we bring on the market are of high quality and keep the promise of high walking comfort. Our collections combine design and comfort and are designed, produced and sold by shoe experts.

Reading the above, one isn´t surprised that we are based near London, one of the finest places to start our journeys and one of the most creative cities in the world.

We always prefer the open and direct contact with our clients. In this way, both parts can strive for the best result.

In our opinion;

There is no more B2B or B2C!

It's H2H; human to human!

There are many articles written about the new future in retail. The implementation of internet in the offline world is the most

important trend. We however believe in a future of H2H, the realistic future of selling products with value for money

      with a human approach. The DNA of a label will be much more important then it's promises.

                    A selective distribution archieves a certain exclusivity and creates a stable market in which a 

                                                            good profitable margin 

at the end of the season is the result.

For the people who speak Italian. We saw this philosophy at the entrance of one of our suppliers. We couldn't have said it better.

La nostra filosofia

e dall' anno 2000 che stringiamo mani,

che beviamo caffe, condividiamo progetti,

centriamo obbiettivi, pensiamo in grande,

progettiamo con creativita.

La nostra azienda da forma e colore,

con grandi idee, alla vostra sostanza.

Siamo qui, con la passione di sempre,

con lo stesso entusiasmo e

con lastessa voglia di creccere.


a chi ha creduto in noi

e chi lo fara in futuro.

Andrea G.